250g Clayqueen polymer clay | Oven baked polymer clay | Bakeable clay | Clay souvenirs | BC92608

250g Clayqueen polymer clay | Oven baked polymer clay | Bakeable clay | Clay souvenirs | BC92608


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♥ Clayqueen polymer clay has been used by lots of local artists.
♥ Polymer clay is a type of clay that needs to be baked to harden.
♥ Popularly used in making souvenirs, jewelries/accessories, gifts, and even displays on museums.

♣ Old and New packaging.
♣ You may still receive old packaged clays since we still have stocks from our last batch.

🔹 Clayqueen Polymer clay has a soft to firm texture. Different artists’ preferences varies base on their needs for the artwork/s they are crafting. See our tips below on how to condition your clay before use.

Also, take note that it is not extra soft like the ordinary modelling clay, in order for it to hold fine details when sculpting.

🔹 How to condition your clay?
1. Cut your clay into small pieces or desired portion to use. If you need a large portion of clay, divide it into sections for kneading.
2. Knead the clay by hand, rolling pin or pasta machine until desired softness is reached.
3. If the clay is too soft you can add few drops of baby oil or clay softner. If it’s too softor, you can add small amounts of hardening powder and knead again to reach your desired texture.

– in the absence of hardening powder, you can press 2 sheets of paper to absord excess oil from the clay.

✔️✔️ A friendly reminder..
In the event that you are not happy with the texture and are unable to work it out by using clay softener or hardening powder, dont worry! We are happy to assist you in refunding your purchase, but please note that we will only accept the unopened clay bars for return. The customer is also required to shoulder the shipping cost for sending the remaining items back for a refund. 🙂

Additional information

Weight .255 kg

Apple Green, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Black, Blue, Bright Orange, Bronze, Brown, Chiffon Yellow, Chocolate Brown, Dark green, Dark Violet, Deep Red, Deep Yellow, Flesh, Forest Green, Gold, Gray, Green, Hotpink, Lemon Yellow, Lilac, Magenta, Maroon Red, Mint Green, Mud Brown, Navy Blue, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Orange, Pearl Denim Blue, Pearl Flesh, Pearl Magenta, Pearl Skin, Pearl Yellow, Pink, Purple, Red, Red Orange, Rose Red, Royal Blue, Silver, Skin, Translucent, Turquiose, Violet, White, Yellow


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